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West Covina, CA


Food Catering in West Covina, CA

Peter's El Loco is proud to provide food catering services in West Covina, CA. Our locally owned and operated company can serve any sized party because we have the professionals who can do the job right. We work with non-profit and for-profit companies to deliver high-quality food at a reasonable price. You can choose your desired menu, or you can let our staff members do it for you.

We're Here For You

We work every day of the week to give our clients exceptional customer service, amazing food, and complete setup and teardown services. We do everything for you, so you can enjoy your time with your co-workers, family, or friends.

We serve exceptional food to people in and around West Covina, so don't wait any longer to see why our food catering is such a great choice. Call Peter's El Loco today to discover the many ways we can help with your next event.


Value Menu

Value Menu, one of our menus